Foodkrywcy join forces with amazing yoga teacher - Lana! Take part in our blissful retreat in one of the most beautiful spots in Thailand: awaken your true nature, boost your inner peace and rise your self-awareness. Get to know magnetic city of Bangkok, deep serenity of Koh Chang island and amazing Thai cuisine. The 8-day program that focuses on yoga and meditation offers everything you need to deeply relax and detoxify. Yoga, meditation, healthy Thai vegetarian food and authentic local adventures. You name it – we have it!



20 hours of relaxation, yoga and meditation

You'll have continuous support of two well seasoned travelers and yoga teacher

You'll stay in local guesthouses, stop by in local eateries and meet Thai people we're friends with

You'll discover amazing Thai cuisine and its purifying herbs

You'll get to know two faces of Thailand: crazy Bangkok and the pristine paradise of the South

You'll have 3 healthy vegetarian dishes per day


DAY 1 / Flight to Bangkok

DAY 2 / Bangkok 

Welcome to the amazing capital of Thailand! To help you easily start the retreat, we will take you for a light lunch followed by a relaxing massage. You will also enjoy a wonderful welcome dinner and if you are still up to something, we will end up at one of the rooftop bars contemplating magnificent views over the city with a fruit smoothie in our hands. Yup!  

DAY 3 / Towards the sun!

After an early breakfast we will transfer you to the tropical island of Koh Chang and welcome there with a relaxing meditation session amongst flowers and candles.  This peaceful afternoon will be followed by a festive tasting dinner introducing you to some classical Thai flavors. We will do our best to welcome you to this paradise!


DAY 4-8 / The paradise of Koh Chang island

It's time for deep undisturbed relaxation and tropical tranquinity! Daily yoga and meditation classes, vegetarian diet and detoxifying herbal infusions will help  you renew, boost your inner balance and recharge your batteries. You will join cooking classes and enjoy massages, island hopping, snorkeling and trips around the islands with meditation session at a remote beach. You will also have plenty of time to enjoy yourself, relax on the beach, read a book in a hammock or cool off in the pool. We will be around to chat about yoga, meditation, purifying techniques and local adventures. This will be wonderful time!

DAY 9 / Bangkok

It's time to say goodbye to the paradise! After a hearthy breakfast and last yoga session we will head back to Bangkok to do last shopping, stock up with fresh herbs and savor some amazing Thai street food - nothing tastes better than goodbye dinner under city lights!  

DAY 10 / Flight back home

Not that we like it, but it's time to drop you off at the airport. It was a pleasure to show you some of amazing Thailand, its cuisine and stunning nature! 

*this plan might change if unexpected circumstances occur 

WHEN: 22-31.01.2018

PRICE: 1400 EUR + flight


/accommodation in double rooms (***)

/3 meals a day 


/20h of yoga and meditation classes

/1 cooking workshop with Thai chef

and 3 lunch cooking sessions

/4 x massage

/full day island hopping


/our help 24/7 


/flight to Thailand

/travel insurance



I'm new to yoga – will I be OK? 

Sure! We invite anybody who is beginning his adventure with yoga and meditation. If you're up to it for a while now, don't hesitate to join us either.

What should I bring?

Comfortable light clothes to exercise - yoga kit will be provided. A refillable bottle/water container would be also handy so you can enjoy herbal infusions anytime you want. 

Where will sessions take place?

Outdoor! We fancy fresh tropical breeze. 

What will I eat? 

Light vegetarian Thai dishes. Lots of vegetables and tropical fruits. Thai cuisine uses a lot of rice and coconut milk and so will we. You will drink lots of herbal water/infusions.  

How much yoga sessions you plan?

You will spend 20 hours practicing yoga and meditation, divided between: introduction to the main chakra system, meditation and laya (kundalini yoga), hatha yoga and principles of yogis, healthy lifestyle and purification technics.

What's the idea behind the retreat?

We want you to awaken your internal energy and make use of it in your daily life. You will focus on your intuitive mind, listening to your internal needs and learn how to meditate. On top of that, we will teach you how to prepare delicious Thai dishes and how to make use of amazing Thai herbs.


Got questions? Want to secure your spot? Reach us!

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